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Sunday, July 19, 2009


i've decided to end it... :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

tech talk

its just keeps hunting me... but oh well, chaiyen has it all typed out so i'll give her the credit and acknowledgement for it.

but i'll go on a different note.

i cant keep up with the technology too. seriously its very tiring.

not that i have a guy that leaves me sms and i reply his email and have a blackberry to even receive anything.. BUT its just keeping in touch with my friends. that's all.

when i say keeping in touch with friends, i specifically mean the ones that i dont meet at least once a month or call at least once a month type. its those friends that you've lost contact since we left the 'nest' and now in the world moving along with our own lives separately.

and thank you *seriously* to techies that came out with friendster and facebook. i can now see all my friends and keep in touch with them again - altho i personally do not think i have left them much messages that would help initiate the 'regular-keeping-in-touch-friends-forever' thingy.

sorry.. my bad. i'm quite hopeless in it.. *grin*

but~! i do see their pictures once in awhile when they pop on my news feed on their updates.

and.. i hate seeing it.. (-_-)

simply because after seeing all their pictures of some long lost friends that suddenly found me, i'll have these thoughts:

1. since when did (s)he get married..!?
2. wow! (s)he looked so different since highschool..!
3. aiyoh.. got kids already..!? isnt (s)he younger than me..?
4. seriously, (s)he can really dress up now.. looking so good
5. aww.. travelling all over the world - what work are they doing..?
6. (s)he got a foreigner as a partner..?? how did that happen..?
7. eh.. that fella that looks familiar...
8. whoa, change name already..
9. *gasp* (s)he know him/her..!?
10. err.. who's that again? do i know you? we have that many common friends??

so yea.. i get the heart-attack-updates from my friends.

from friends changing their names to a more puzzling names to change of status to change of looks - makes me wonder if i have changed anything since i left highschool till now. maybe a lil on the weight part.

dont get me wrong. i am happy for my friends progressing in their lives and going to a different level. just makes me wonder if i have myself. whether i have actually progressed to a different level.. or whather i still looked the same since i left highschool till now.

thats when i figured that everyone else has moved so far yet i'm still at the same spot.

oh well.. at least i still look like 16 years old.. *grining!!* hehehe

song in head: 21st century kid - jamie cullum

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i didnt realised its been one whole month that i havent updated my blog. and its almost coming to an end of march.

its not that i havent had anything happening to me.. more like too many things happened until no time to pay my bills..! and yes, i've had a lot of thoughts in my mind too that i wished i had time to let you all wonder with me.

anyway, as it is.. i'm now at...

took half day off cuz my car was cranking, screaming, yelling and whatever else that a car can possibly do. and what i like and dont like about servicing my car is that:

like: my mechanic does a good job and most of the time fixes the problem thats minor without charging me and give really good service too..
hates: reminder of my next service - need to change battery, engine moulting, tayars.. *ka-chiiiing!!* sigh..

other than that, let me put some thought together for a more proper update..

and here's a kiss from moi polka-dotted neice

for me of cuz.. you want, you ask from her yourself! =P

Sunday, February 01, 2009

malas-ing moments

no joke.. when i corbis a photo for the term 'lazing', i got this picture.. neat, huh?

anyway, yea.. i'm in my lazing moment - i'm on a 2 week holiday! i know.. you guys envy me.. but oh well.. *whatever*


well, it a fun time with my neices and my brother's family.. and of cuz, bringing my sis-in-law shopping - must show what kinda malls we have in msia that i can shop for 8 hrs.. *grin* also, my own excuse to do my own shopping too.

aside from that, my own malas-ing moments, i've been procrastinating to:
1. do research on cameras to buy - DSLR/Canon/Pentax/Pro/Entry..??
2. do my planning and personal budgetting for the year.. eh, with shopping a bit hard right?
3. do more reading - already behind alot of books i've been meaning to complete soon

oh well, i'm still in my malas-ing mood..

can anyone help on which camera to get? puhleezzz...... *blink blink blink*

Friday, January 02, 2009

my wish

HAPPY 2009 TO Y'ALL..!!

c'mon.. i'm sure if 2009 wouldnt be as bad.. think positive..
have a cuppa.. =)

ps.. thats the new dog in the family.. welcome Shepherd the Dobermann.. hehe

extinct snails

ever felt the feeling when you open you mailbox and you see a plain white envelope and it actually has a stamp and your name and address on it?

thats what i felt, when i went back home and opened a box of old mails. i've totally forgotten all about it until i decided to do some cleaning. and the feelings came back. along with a smile.

while reading thru the old mails, you could roughly guess what i wrote. and reading the replies, its.. highschool. asking typical highschool questions like - favourite sports, favourite bands, favourite singer, boyfriend/girlfriend, societies in school.. its really funny to read them back again. but its so.. highschool.

at least i think at my time. darn, suddenly it felt so long ago.. hehehe..

but i guess thru writting mails, i've learnt to communicate a lil with others outside my lil 'kampung' state. kinda allowed me to mix with other people that i prolly have no idea who and how that person actually looked like. oh, in my snail mails there's a constant request of asking for photographs. but we'd drag for the longest time before we actually sent out our photos.

then.. those mails started to get lesser and lesser..

because thats when internet became more common. first started as emails. then mIRC.. then ICQ.. which still exist till now with other fantastic web chat - msn, skype, gtalk, ym, etc. but there were community web pages that we'd try to keep in the loop like eCircles, Friendster and now.. Facebook.

slowly and obviously letter writting became extinct and even emails. hardly get any of those for the longest time cuz everyone would be posting short messages in facebook, friendster and if we could chat immediately with another person over msn and skype, why do we need to compose something?

i must admit, though, that i have lost contact with most of my pen-pals that i used to write to them. i do wonder what are they doing and how are they doing. who they are actually. after so much of writtings, everything just goes by, forgotten. i do have a couple of them still in contact but very briefly.

still, reading hand-written-posted-letters will always bring a smile.

song in head: photograph - nickleback

Monday, December 22, 2008


just realised my weekend is about 3..

suddenly its like sesame street.. today we will learn the number 3.. *music playing at the background*

3 inches of my hair is gone.. maybe 4.. or 3.5... but oh well, i just had a haircut..!! hehehe
i might just do something to my hair again just before Chinese New Year.. hmmm

3 great friends to join me shopping for freaking 10hrs yesterday.. plus my haircut time of cuz and lunch and dinner time.. still, it wasa great time - who ever said 3's a crowd..?

and i just got my 3 lovely shirts from Yvonne Foong. i got to meet her this morning she's so sweet! seriously. anyway, if you all can - help her out and get the shirts. they're really really cool. i love the heart shape design. you can read up more abt her shirts here.

and know what, its 3 more days to Christmas. which means its holiday time! yippie..! oh, and 3 cars from KL (my friends) will be going back to my little humble town. isnt it lovely.. =)

oh well.. i'm liking it already so far.

but also, i realised last weekend when i sent my car for a wash

i had a nail stuck to my BRAND new tyres.. that also because my previous tyres had 2 nails stuck to it. that makes 3 nails to my tyre in less than a week.

all i need next is a cross.


thats all kids from sesame street. today we learned the number 3..


Friday, December 12, 2008

colour me friday

how is it that anyone can NOT have a post-it on their table..?

shoooo ko-rour-full...
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